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Osteology and Arthrology

  1. The strongest part of bone is the diaphysis
  2. Growth occurs maximum at epiphyseal (growth) plate
  3. Haversian canal system is the fundamental functional unit of a compact bone.
  4. Blood reaches the osteocytes(bone cells) in the compact bone by means of haversian systems or osteons (microscopiccanal systems) that house small blood vessels.
  5. Haversian canals run longitudinally, parallel to the long axis of bone. They are connected to one another by Volkmann canals that run perpendicular (or obliquely) to them
  6. Coracoid process is an atavistic type of epiphysis.
  7. Pneumatic bones have air cells present in them for e.g., Maxilla, frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid and temporal bones.
  8. Wrist and metacarpo-phalangeal joints are condyloid type of synovial joints.
  9. Malleus and incus has saddle type of synovial joint.

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