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Stepladder sign
Linguine sign
Breast implant rupture
Spalding sign
Robert sign
Intrauterine fetal demise
Snowstorm pattern Molar pregnancy
Rosary sign
Pearl necklace sign
Intestitial line sign Ectopic pregnancy
Double decidua sign Early normal intrauterine gestation
Breast in a breast Fibroadenolipomas

Guide to the Relative Radiosensitivity of Normal Tissue
  1. Radiosensitive
a. Lymphocytes Bone marrow Gonads                    
b. Embryonic tissue
  1. Moderately sensitive
    a. Skin, Small blood vessels Lens of the eye Growing tissues Lung tissue Salivary glands
  2. Moderately resistant
a. Skin                            
b. Thyroid gland  
c. Nerve cells

4. RadioresistantQ
a. Muscle                      
b. Bone
c. Connective tissue           
d. Mature red­ blood corpuscles
Guide to the Relative Radiosensitivity of TumoursQ
  1. Radiosensitive tumours
a. Embryonic tumours                                
b. Reticuloses                                      
c.Anaplastic carcinomas
  1. Limited sensitivity
a. Epithelial tumours                   
b. Adenocarcinomas
  1. Radioresistant
a. Soft-tissue sarcomas                               
b. Osteosarcomas                               
c. Melanomas

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