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Radionuclide imaging

Tc 99m (99 is mass and m is metastable) is most commonly used. It is administered IV and is pure 'Y rays emitter. It has Short half life (6 hrs).
Uses -
Tc 99m labeled serum albumin                               -          To detect pulmonary emboli
Tc 99m labeled RBCs                                                 -          For spleen imaging
Tc 99m labeled DMSA                                               -          is taken up by renal cortical cells, is used for renal
                                                                                                function test.
Tc 99m labeled DTPA                                                   -       Measures GFR
Tc 99m MAG3                                                                -       Diagnostic of transplant rejection.
Tc 99m labeled HIDA/PIPIDA                                     -       To study the functions of hepatobiliary tree
Thallium 201 chloride                                                 -       For cardiac imaging (cold spots in myocardial
                                                                                                perfusion studies)
Ga-67 nitrate                                                                -       To detect tumours, inflammation and abscess cavities.
 Investigation of choice
  1. Bronchiectasis
  2. Pancreas
  3. Adrenal
  4. Acute SAH
  1. For pituitary & hypothalamic & optic chiasma lesion cavernous sinus invasion
  2. Brain abscess
  3. For spinal lesions except Vascular malformation of spine (for which myelography)
  4. Prolapse IVD
  5. ICSIL (esp. post. Fossa mass lesions)
Pregnancy mass
Gall stones
  1. ECHO - is investigation of choice for minimal pericardial effusion, MS
  2. Angiography - is investigation of choice for sequestration lung
Chemotherapeutic agents which enhances radiation effect by sensitizing the cell (radio -mimetic)
  1. Cisplatin
  2. 5- FU
  3. Hydroxyurea
  4. Vincristine
  5. Metronidazole
  6. Bleomycin
(but NOT- cyclophosphamide)
Chemotherapeutic agents which protect the cell from radiation injury
Sodium butyrate
They have been reported to cause flare-up of dermatitis / esophagitis in areas previously treated with radiation therapy (radiation recall reactions)
  1. Amifostine reduces cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity & also reduces xerostomia in patient with head & neck Ca.
  2.  Sodium butyrate when given topically improves the symptom of radiation proctitis
Radiation Units
Radiation exposure              - Röntgen
Radiation absorbed dose      - Gray & Rad (Remember Red & Gray Color)
[ 1 Gy = 100 Rads]
Radioactivity                       - Curie
Radiation effectiveness (or public health measure of radiation)                           - Rem, Sievert
Radiation Characteristics
 Tissue penetration" capability
g-ray >  X-ray >   b-ray> a-ray
(50cm)   (15-30cm) (.06 – 4mm)  (0.5 mm)

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