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  Most radiosensitive Least sensitive or radioresistant
  1. Stage of cell cycle
  2. Organ
  3. Tissue
  4. Cell type
  5. Blood cells
Ovary, testis
Bone marrow, gonads
Rapidly dividing
S phase
Vagina (bone CNS, cartilage, muscle)
Nervous tissue (bone, CNS, cartilage, muscle)
  1. Most common mucosal surface affected is intestinal mucosa
  2. Among radioresistant vascular structures, most sensitive is vascular endothelium
  3. Among nervous tissues most sensitive is neuron
  4. Most common organ affected is skin and presents as erythema
  5. For Chemotherapy & radiotherapy induced cardiotoxicity investigation of choice is endomyocardial biopsy
  6. Most sensitive Testicular tumour - Seminoma
  Ovarian tumour -  Dysgerminoma
  Brain tumour - Medulloblastoma
  Lung tumour - Small cell carcinoma
  Skin cancer   -  Basal cell cancer
  Bone tumours - Ewing's sarcoma (multiple myeloma)

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