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  1. g-knife radiosurgery
    Focused radiation for limited brain metastasis
  2. Cyber knife
    Combines robotics and advanced image guidance to deliver radiation to tumour along spinal cord/other critical location.

Respiratory System Sign / specific feature

1. Hydatid cyst of lung
a. Meniscus / Moon/ Air crescent / Double arch sign
b. Cumbo sign
c. Water lilly / Camalotte sign                                           
d. Serpent sign / Rising sun sign
e. Empty cyst sign

2. Hamartoma
Mediastinal nodes of histoplasmosis
a. Popcorn calcification

3. Pulmonary thrombo-embolism
a. Westermark sign             
b. Hapton’s hump
c. Palla sign                           
d. Fleishner lines
e. Felson’s sign

4. Thymic enlargement
a. Sail sign                             
b. Mulvay Wave sign          
c. Notch sign

5. Rounded atelectasis
a. Comet tail sign

6. RUL collapse secondary to a central mass
a. Golden S sign

7. LUL collapse
a. Luftsichel sign
LLL collapse

8. a. Broncholobar sign

9. Pneumo-mediastinum
a. Ring around artery sign                 
b. Continuous diaphragm sign
c. Tubular artery sign                         
d. Double bronchial wall sign
e. V sign of Naclerio                            
f. Spinnaker sail sign

10. Pneumothorax             
a. Deep sulcus sign             
b. Visceral pleural line

11. Epiglottitis     
a. Thumb sign

12. Croup                             
a. Steeple sign

13. Aspergilloma
a. Air crescent sign             
b. Monod sign

14. Klebsiella pneumonia
a. Bulging fissure sign

15. Pulmonary edema on CXR         
a. Batwing sign

16. Diaphragmatic rupture               
a. Collar sign         
b. Dependant viscera sign

17. Pulmonary septic emboli
a. Feeding vessel sign

18. ABPA
a. Finger in glove sign

19. Aspergillosis
a. Halo sign

20. Subacute hypersensitivity pneumonitis
a. Head cheese sign

21. RUL atelectasis
a. Juxtaphrenic peak sign

22. Cryptogenic organized pneumonia
a. Reversed halo sign

23. COPD
a. Saber sheath trachea

24. Alveolar microlithiasis
a. Sandstorm lungs

25. Bronchiectasis
a. Signet ring sign

26. RLL atelectasis
a. Superior triangle sign

27. Empyema
a. Split pleura sign

28. Endobronchial spread in TB
a. Tree in bud sign on HRCT

Metastasis in Lung

Calcifying lung metastasis Cavitating lung metastasis Hemorrhagic lung metastasis with ill defined nodules
  1. Breast
  2. Osteosarcoma/chondroma
  3. Thyroid (papillary)
  4. Mucinous adeno Ca.+
Lung metastasis following
 Testicular, Ovarian
  1. SqCC, Sarcoma
  2. Colon
  3. Melastoma
  4. Transitional cell
  5. Cx under CT
1. Choriocarcinoma
2. RCC
3. Melanoma
4. Thyroid Ca
Calcification in Lungs & Pleura
Calcification in Lungs Pleural calcification
  1. B/L TB
  2. B/L Histoplasma
  3. B/L coccidiomycosis
  1. Old empyema
  2. Old Hemothorax
  3. Asbestosis
  4. Silicosis
  5. Talc exposure

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