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  1. Maximum Half-life is of uranium 701 x 108 yrs > Ra (1622 yrs.)
  2. Important radioisotopes
1. Gadolinium -  Paramagnetic contrast dye used in NMR (MRI)
2. Xenon - For regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) studies
3. Tc 99m labeled RBCs - Imaging of spleen, GIT bleeding, Ventriculography
4. Tc99MAG3 - Diagnostic of transplant rejection
5. Gallium - Isotope selectively concentrated in abscess cavity
6. Tc99m (technetium) - Used for infarct avid imaging Standard isotope
7. Pyrophosphate - for ''Hot spot" imaging in MI
8. Thallium (TI201) - Agent used for myocardial perfusion studies
                                Imaging agent of choice to assess myocardial viability
                                Shows "Cold spot" in MI on perfusion scan
                               (in Non avid infarct maging)
9. Iodine -123   -  Evaluation of radio active Iodine uptake, (RAID)
10. Iodine-131 - For detection of thyroid cancer
11. Cr52 -  For Red cell survival studies.
12. FDG - Most frequently used moiety in PET is 2-[!8F] fluro-2-deoxy-D-glucose
  1. Radioactive P32 is useful in
  2. Diagnosis of : Eye cancers, Esophageal cancers
  3. Rx of : Sq CC, Ca esophagus, CML, MM, bone secondaries, Ca breast, Ca prostate, Polycythemia vera
  4. Malignant ascites, Mycosis fungoides, Senile keratosis, Superficial angiomas

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