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Special appearance

  1. Thumb print appearance, bisected pearls or mercury drops, aluminium paint appearance - B, Pertussis
  2. Medusa head app. frosted glass , inverted fir tree in gelatin stab culture - B. Anthracis
  3. Swimming growth ( fishy or seminal smell) - Proteus
  4. Swarm of gnats or fish in stream, funnel shaped or napiform liquefaction - V. cholerae
  5. Safety pin appearance - Yersinia pestis
  6. Cigar bundle ( globi ) appearance- M. leprae
  7. Fried egg app. - Mycoplasma
  8. Bread crumb app. - Actinomyces israelii
  9. Oil paint app. - Staphylococci
  10. School of fish app. - H. Ducreyi( 'soft chancre' 
  11. Daisy head app.- Corynebacterium gravis
  12. Frogs egg app. - Corynebact. intermedius
  13. Poached egg app.- Corynbact. mitis
  14. Fir tree growth - Clostridium tetani

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