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  1. Cardiac jelly sandwiched between heart tube & myocardium forms the connective tissue of the endocardium.
  2. Anatomical closure takes around 12 weeks (Range: 1- 3 months), which involves intima proliferation.
  3. First costo-chondral joint is a synchondrosis.
  4. Typical intercostal nerves are 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  5. Sinu-atrial (SA) node is located within the superior end of the 'crista terminalis'
  6. Triangle of Koch: a roughly triangular area on the septal wall of the right atrium, bounded by the base of the septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve, the anteromedial margin of the orifice of the coronary sinus, and the tendon of Todaro; it marks the site of the atrioventricular node.
  7. In 10 % of the population posterior interventricular artery (PIVA) is given by the circumflex artery (a branch of left coronary artery) and then the heart is called as having left cardiac dominance.
  8. The first branch (arising separately from the anterior aortic sinus in 36% of individuals) is the arteria coni arteriosi or conus artery. This is sometimes termed a ‘third coronary' artery,
  9. Anterior cardiac veins do not drain into the coronary sinus, they open directly into the right atrium.
  10. Medial basal BPS (broncho-pulmonary segment) is absent in the left lung.
  11. Azygous vein usually pierces through the right crus of diaphragm to reach the thorax; but sometimes it may pass through the aortic hiatus (along with aorta & thoracic duct).
  12. Right half of the body above diaphragm (right superior quadrant) drains into the right lymphatic duct.
  13. 70 % of the breast lymphatics reach the axillary lymph nodes; 20 % to the parasternal and 5 % to the posterior intercostal LNs.
  14. In CXR, the borders of the cardiovascular shadow are as follows:
    a. Right border - right brachiocephalic vein, SVC, right atrium, and IVC.
    b. Left border - terminal part of the arch of aorta, pulmonary trunk, left auricle, and left ventricle.

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