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Vital Radiology Signs

Apple core lesion (baenema) Circumferential narrowing of the lumen secondary to colon cancer.
Apple core lesion (ba enema)
Ball on tee sign Sign of papillary necrosis on IVU.
Bamboo spine Ankylosing spondylitis
Banana sign  (antenatal US) Refers to a banana-shaped configuration of the cerebellum. Associated with neural tube defects.
Bat wing appearance (chest)  Classic chest radiography finding for pulmonary edema.
Bat wing appearance (MRI brain)  Appearance of 4th ventricle that may be seen with joubert syndrome.
Blade of grass sign Paget's disease (seen in leg bones)
Blood fluid levels (MRI) Abc
Bone bruise sign Acl tear
Bone In Bone’ / Endobone Sign Osteopetrosis
Bowler’s hat sign (ba enema) Colonic polyp
Bow Tie Sign (MRI knee) Discoid meniscus
Boxcar ventricles Appearance of frontal horns that may be seen in huntington's disease.
Breast in a breast sign Term used to describe fibroadenolipomas.
Brim Sign Paget's disease
Bulging Fissure Sign (CXR)  Klebsiella pneumonia.
Bullet carpal bones Appearance of carpal bones that may be seen with mucopolysaccharidoses.
Button Sequestrum Eosinophilic granuloma
C Sign Subtalar coalition
Canoe paddle ribs  Appearance of ribs that may be seen with mucopolysaccharidoses.
Carman’s meniscus sign (ba meal) Malignant gastric ulcer
Celery stalking Irregular appearance of metaphyses in patients with rubella. Also used to describe metaphyses in patients with osteopathia striata.
Central dot sign (doppler)  Sign of caroli's disease.
Champagne-glass pelvis Achondroplasia
Champagne sign Specific but not commonly seen ultrasound finding for emphysematous cholecystitis.
Cloverleaf skull Appreance of the skull that may be seen with thanatophoric dysplasia
Coffee bean sign Sigmoid Volvulus.
Comet Sign  Sign to differential a phlebolith from a ureteral stone. Calcified phlebolith represents the comet nucleus and the adjacent, tapering, noncalcified portion of the vein is the comet tail (also see soft-tissue rim sign).
Comet Tail Sign  Produced by the distortion of vessels and bronchi that lead to an adjacent area of round atelectasis.
Corkscrew esophagus Diffuse esophageal spasm & presbyesophagus
Corkscrew sign (upper gi series) Midgut volvulus
Corduroy vertebral body Appearance of thickening trabeculations seen in vertebral hemangiomas. (polka-dot sign on ct).
Cotton Wool Skull Paget's disease
Crazy-Paving Sign (HRTC lung)  Nonspecific appearance consisting of linear network or reticular pattern with areas of ground-glass opacification. Classically associated with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
Crescent Sign (x-ray) Avascular necrosis
Crowded Carpal Sign Volar perilunar dislocation
Dagger Sign Ankylosing spondylitis
Deep Lateral Femoral Notch Sign Acl tear
Double track sign Appearance of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis that may be seen on upper gi series.
Drooping Shoulder Sign Inferior subluxation of the shoulder
‘Egg on a string’  heart Tga
Eye Of The Tiger Sign (MRI brain; coronal)  Low signal intensity circumscribing the globus pallidus in patients with hallervorden-spatz disease.
Empty delta sign Sign of intracranial dural sinus thrombosis.
Epicardial fat pad sign Sign of a pericardial effusion.
Fallen Fragment sign Unicameral bone cyst
FBI Sign Lipohemarthrosis
Feeding vessel sign (CT chest)  Sign of pulmonary septic emboli. Can be seen with lung metastases. At times in wg.
Figure 3 sign (CXR)  Appearance of the aorta that may be seen in patients with coarctation of the aorta.
Figure of eight (MRI brain) Appearance of the brain in lissencephaly.
Finger in glove sign Sign of mucous plugging seen with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.
fish vertebra Osteopenia
Flaring of anterior ends of ribs Rickets.
Football sign (CXR) Pneumoperitoneum (seen on supine radiographs).
Fragment-In-Notch Sign Bucket-handle tear of the menisci
Frostburg’s reverse ‘3’ sign Carcinoma head of pancreas (hypotonic duodenography)
Golden ‘s’ sign (CXR) Right upper lobe atelectasis created by a central mass. 
Groundglass apperance Fibrous dysplasia of Bone
H-Shaped Vertebra Sickle cell anemia
Hair On End skull Hemolytic anemia
Half Moon Sign Absent in posterior dislocation of the shoulder
Hampton's hump Triangular opacity secondary to infarction in the periphery of the lung distal to a pulmonary embolism.
Juxtaphrenic peak sign (CXR) Tenting of the diaphragm that may be seen with right upper lobe atelectasis.
Keyhole Sign  (USG) Us appearance that may be seen with posterior urethral valves.
Lace like pattern (X-RAY) Pattern that may be seen with sarcoid arthropathy.
Lacunar skull Appearance of skull that may be seen in infants with chiari ii malformation.
Lambda sign (gallium-67 citrate scan) Uptake in the hilar and paratracheal lymph nodes gives the appearance of a lambda. This is seen in sarcoidosis.
Lateral Capsular Sign Acl tear - segund fracture
Lead pipe colon
(Ba enema)
Narrowing of colon with loss of haustra that may be seen in patients with ulcerative colitis.
Lemon sign (antenatal US) Refers to shape of calvarium associated with spina bifida.
Linguine sign (MRI breast) Mri sign that may be seen in patients with intracapsular breast implant rupture.
Lobster claw sign (IUV) Sign of papillary necrosis.
Luftsichel sign (CXR) "air cresent". Sign that may be seen with left upper lobe atelectasis.
Medusa-lock sign Round worm infesation
Metacarpal Sign Short 4th metacarpal
Molar tooth sign (CT cystogram) Perivesicular extravasation of contrast on ct cystogram in a patient with extraperitoneal bladder rupture.
Molar Tooth Sign (CT/MRI brain) joubert syndrome.
Mount fuji sign (CT brain) Tension pneumocephalus.
Moulage sign (enteroclysis) Effaced loop of bowel that may be seen on a small bowel series in sprue.
Naclerio's v sign (CXR) V shaped lucency that may be seen over the left lower mediastinium in pneumomediastinum.
Nutmeg liver Pattern of liver enhancement seen with passive congestion.
Nubbin sign reflux nephropathy involving the lower pole of a duplicated collecting system.
Paintbrush appearance Linear striations of contrast material opacifing collecting tubules that may be seen with medullary sponge kidney.
Parallel track sign Pattern of uptake that may be seen on bone scan in patients with hypertrophic osteoarthropathy.
Panda Sign  On a gallium-67 citrate scan, uptake in the lacrimal and salivary glands gives the appearance of a panda. This is suggestive of sarcoidosis.
Pearl necklace sign Mri sign that may be seen with adenomyomatosis.
Pedestal Sign Loosening prosthesis
Pencil in cup deformity Erosion pattern of digits that may be seen in patients with psoriatic arthritis.
Picket fence Appearance of bowel that may be seen on small bowel series with whipple disease or gastrointestinal amyloidosis.
Picture frame vertebral body paget disease.
Rosary sign Ct sign that may be seen with adenomyomatosis.
Rugger Jersey Sign Chronic renal failure
Sail Sign Elbow effusion
Salt and pepper appearance on MRI Paraganglioma
‘Salt and pepper’ skull hyperparathyroidism.
Saber-Sheath Trachea  Appearance of trachea that may be seen with copd.
Saber shin Appearance of tibia that may be seen with syphilis.
Sandstorm appearance (CXR) pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis.
Sandwich sign Bulky lymphoma encasing mesenteric vessels.
Sandwich vertebra Sclerotic endplates that may be seen with osteopetrosis.
Sausage Digit Psoriasis
Scimitar sign Mri appearance that may be seen with eccentric cystic adventitial disease.
Scottie dog sign On oblique radiographs, the posterior elements form the appearance of a scottie dog. Spondylolysis can have the appearance of a collar around the neck.
Shepard's Crook Deformity  Appearance of proximal femur that may be seen with fibrous dyplasia.
Shoulder sign (ba meal) Appearance of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis that may be seen on upper gi series.
‘Sitting duck’ heart Persistent truncus arteriosus
Snowman’s heart (figure of ‘8’ or cottage loaf heart)  Supracardiac total anomalous pulmonary venous connection.
Snowstorm pattern (breast)  Us pattern for breast implant rupture.
Snowstorm pattern (CXR)  Silicosis.
Snowstorm pattern (ob/gyn)  Us pattern for a molar pregnancy.
Soft-Tissue Rim Sign  Appearance of a ureteral edema surrounding a calculus. Helps differentiates a calculus from a phlebolith (also see comet sign).
Spade shaped tufts Shape of tufts that may be seen with acromegaly.
Spalding sign Overlapping cranial sutures. Sign of fatal demise on prenatal ultrasound.
Spider web Appearance of collateral vessels that may be seen on hepatic venography in budd-chiari syndrome.
Signet ring sign (chest CT)  Sign of bronchiectasis.
Strawberry skull Appearance of skull that may be seen on fetal us with trisomy 18.
Starry sky sign Ct appearance that may be seen withneurocysticercosis.
Starry sky sign Us appearance that may be seen with hepatitis.
Stripe sign On a v/q scan, subpleural activity in a region of decreased pulmonary perfusion. Sign is used to rule out pulmonary embolism.
Step-Off Vertebral Body Sign Sickle cell, gaucher's disease
String sign Ileocaecal tb, hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, crohn’s disease (seen on upper gi series).
String of beads sign Small bowel obstruction
Swan Neck Deformity Rheumatoid arthritis
Target sign Chps.
Hepatic candidiasis and liver metastases.
Tau sign (MRI) persistent trigeminal artery
Tip of the iceberg sign Ultrasound sign that may be seen with mature cystic teratomas.
Tit sign :appearance of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis that may be seen on upper gi series.
Tear Drop Sign (Orbits) Blowout fracture
Teardrop Sign (Ankle) Ankle effusion
Telephone receiver shaped femora Appearance of femora that can be seen with thanatophoric dysplasia.
Throckmorton's Sign  The penis points to the pathology.
Trolley-Track Sign (x-ray) Ankylosing spondylitis
Trident hand Appearance of hands that may be seen with achondroplasia.
Trough Line In posterior shoulder dislocation, frontal radiographs reveal two nearly parallel lines in the superomedial aspect of the humeral head.
Tumbling Bullet Sign Post traumatic bone cyst
Umbrella sign (on BMFT) Sign of ic tb
Vacuum Phenomenon (CT/MRI) Degenerative disk disease
Whirlpool sign Us sign of midgut volvulus in a neonate.
Wimberger's ring sign A circular, opaque radiologic shadow surroundsing epiphyseal centers of ossification in patients with scurvy.
Westermark's sign (CXR) Regional pulmonary oligemia secondary to pulmonary embolism.

Some important views

Reverse lordotic
Von Rosen
Stryker's view
Lateral skull view
For apex, lingual lobe (rt middle lobe) of lung
To detect interlobar effusion
Spondylolisthesis, #scaphoid
# patella
Recurrent subluxation / dislocation of shoulder
For sella turcica
Views for study of PNS / Orbit
View Used to visualize Comerits
1. Water's view
[Occipitomental view]
2. Caldwell's view
[Occipitofrontal view]
3. Lateral view
Maxillary sinus & antrum (best) Floor of orbit
Frontal sinuses
Ethmoidal sinus
For sphenoid sinus (best)
Not ideal for frontal sinus
Maxillary antra are not well seen

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