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Fractures With Eponyms

  1. Aviator’s fracture: fracture of neck of talus.
  2. Barton’s: distal radius, intra-articular fracture with wrist subluxation volar/dorsal.
  3. Chauffeur’s: radial styloid fracture -Intra articular
  4. Colle’s osteoporotic fracture of distal radius, extra -articular fracture with dorsal tilt of the distal fragment
  5. Galleazzi: fracture of distal 1/3rd of the radius with dislocation of distal radio-ulnar joint
  6. Monteggia: fracture of proximal 1/3rd of the ulna with dislocation of head of the radius
  7. Night-stick: isolated fracture shaft of the ulna - direct blow.
  8. Smith’s: distal radius fracture, extra-articular with volar tilt of the distal fragment
  9. Bennett’s: fracture of base of the 1st metacarpal, with dislocation carpo-metacarpal joint
  10. Boxers’: fracture of neck of 5th metacarpal
  11. Mallet: avulsion of attachment of ext. tendon from base of the distal phalanx
  12. Rolando: fracture of base of 1st metacarpal comminuted
  13. Clay Shovellers fracture: fracture of Spinous process C7
  14. Pilon fracture: intra articular fracture of Lower end tibia.
  15. Jefferson fracture: C1 fracture (Burst facture of CI)
  16. Hangman’s: fracture spondylolisthesis of C2 over C3 due to fracture through neural arch (pedicle / pars interarticularis)
  17. Malgaigne’s: pelvic-ring disruption with both pubic rami and sacro-iliac injury on the same side
  18. Bumper: comminuted fracture of lateral condyle of the tibia
  19. Cotton’s: Trimalleolar ankle fracture
  20. Pott’s: Bimalleolar ankle fracture
  21. March: stress fracture of shaft / neck of 2nd metatarsal
  22. Jones’: fracture of the base of the 5th metatarsal

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