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Last Minute Revision Points

  1. Most common type of primery lymphodema is- Lymphedema praecox
  2. Acute lymphangitis Treatment is – conservative (Antibiotic)
  3. Virchows triad – Stasis of blood flow, Hypercoauglobility, Endothelial injury
  4. Commando operation required for - Ca tongue (which include hemiglossectomy, Hemimendiblectomy, Ipsilateral radical neck disection).
  5. Full thickness skin graft is also known as - Wolf graft
  6. Partial thickness skin graft is also known as – Thiersch graft
  7. In head injury to reduce cerebral oedema required – Acetazolamide, Mannitol, Hyperventilation
  8. Treatment of Solitary thyroid nodule is - Hemithyroidectomy
  9. Treatment for cystosarcoma phylloide – Lumpectomy (Malignant phylloide tumor need simple mastectomy)
  10. Adjuvent Treatment of choice for premenopausal ER + breast ca - Tamoxifen
  11. Paget disease also known as - Superficial manifestation of under laying breast ca
  12. Sentinnel lymph node biopsy done for - CA Breast (MC), Malignent melanoma, Valval ca
  13. Breast lump inv/choiceis – FNAC
  14. In breast cancer following are expressed – ER, PR, Her 2 /neu, P53, BRCA1, BRCA2.
  15. Histological grading of breast cancer – Nottngham histologic score (Aslo known as scarff-bloom-richardson) include nuclear pleomorphism, tubule formation, mitotic count.  
  16. Most important prognostic factor in breast cancer – Stage of disease.
  17. On mammogram following are feature of malignant tumor – Spiculation, microcalcification, irregular mass.
  18. Triple assessment for Ca breast include – clinical examination, mammogram, FNA (Tru cut).
  19. Atypical lobular hyperplasia associated with – increase risk of breast cancer.
  20. For breast reconstruction most common flap used – TRAM.
  21. Single (Indian) file pattern is seen in – Infiltrating lobular cancer.
  22. Bleeding from single duct of breast most commonly due to – Ductal papiloma (treatment of choice microdochectomy) 
  23. In ductal ectasia treatment of choice – Radical duct excision (Cone excision, Hadfield excision)
  24. Axillary abscess is safely drained by – floor.
  25. Most common tumor of parotid is - Pleomorphic adenoma
  26. Most common malignent tumor of parotid – mucoepidermoid cancer.
  27. Tumor with perineural invasion – Adenoid cystic carcinoma.
  28. Fogarty’s catheter is used for –. Removal of blood clots from artery.
  29. Brilliantly tranillumnent swellings are – Hydrocele, Maningocele, cystic hygroma.
  30. Duret hemorrhage is seen in - Brain
  31. FNAC needle size – 22-26G
  32. Most common location of spinal tumors – extradural
  33. SEPS is procedure used for – Varicose vein surgery     
  34. Abbey estelender flap is based on – libial artery
  35. Internal oblique , external oblique, transverses muscle, retracted laterally in – Spigelian hernia repair.
  36. Air embolism in neuro surgery maximum in – Sitting posture.
  37. Non absorbable suture – Prolene, Nylon.
  38. Absorbable suture include – Eye opening, motor response, verbal response.
  39. Fever in burn patient is caused by – due to hypermetabolism, infection.
  40. Escharotomy in burn patient done for – perepheral circumscribed burn in extremity and thorax.
  41. In head and neck burn – bandage dressing not require.
  42. Blister form in – Second degree superficial and deep dermal burn
  43. Painful lesion in burn patient– first degree burn, second degree superficial and deep dermal burn. 
  44. Leathery dry and in elastic appearance ofburn lesion in – third degree burn.
  45. Upto 48 hr of skin graft survive due to - Plasma imbibition
  46. Marjolins ulcer (SCC, slow growing lesion) developed in – Lost standing burn scar
  47. Treatment of medullary carcinoma thyroid – Surgery only
  48. Treatment of Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma – Hilum
  49. Premalignent lesion for gall bladder cancer is - Polyp more than 10mm,  Porceline gall bladder, Stone size more than 3cm
  50. Nissen Fundoplication for - Hiatal hernia
  51. Most common cause of upper GI bleed is - Peptic ulcer
  52. Risk factor for ca colon is - Ulcerative colitis, Chrons disease, Fatty diet, Low consumption of antioxidant food, FAP, NPHCC.  
  53. Most common complication of Zenker diverticula - Pulmonary Abscess
  54. For Rectal mucosa best suture - Vicryl
  55. Spleenectomy Contraindicated in - Sickle cell Anemia (Auto Spleenectomy)
  56. Carcinoid tumor most common site is – Bronchus
  57. In GIT most common site for carcinoid is - Ileum
  58. Esophageal constriction from incisor of tooth at - 15,25,40 cm
  59. Foregien body most common impacted in GIT at - Cricopharyngeal junction (Most common site of esophageal perforation, Narrowest part of the esophagus )
  60. Meckels diverticulam most common presentation is – Bleeding (Majority of meckels diverticulam are asymptomatic)
  61. Acute intussusceptions at 6-9m age most common aetiology - Idiopathic
  62. Most common complication after ERCP – acute pancretitis.
  63. Most common site of morgagni hernia – Include right anterior (Most common herniated viscera – transverse colon).
  64. Most common congenital diaphragmatic hernia – Bochdalek hernia (Left posterio- lateral) 
  65. Left medial visceral rotation (Mattox maneuver) - provide excellent exposure of the aorta, ceoliac excess, superior masentrey artery, left renal artery and iliac artery .
  66. Right medial visceral rotation (Cateral maneuver) – exposure of the vena-cava (with combined Kocher maneuver), Right renal vessel and iliac vain.
  67. Bariatric surgical procedure include – Roux-en-y gastric bypass (Surgery of choice), gastric banding, bilio pancreatic diversion.
  68. In ITP planed for spleenectomy, best time for platelet infusion – after ligation of splenic artery.
  69. A new born child not passed muconeium for 48 hr (most common in Hirschsprung disease), diagnostic procedure of choice – Contrast enema.
  70. Best test to diagnose gastroesophageal reflux disease and quantify acid output is - 24 hr pH monitoring
  71. Most common cause of acute mesenteric ischemia is – Embolization to SMA
  72. Non progressive contraction of esophagus are – Tertiary
  73. Single most important prognostic factor for colorectal carcinoma is - Lymphnode status
  74. Oxalate renal stone (Most common renal stone) more common in - Ileal resection
  75. Oxalate stone are found in – Ethylin glycol toxicity, IBD, Short bowel syndrome.
  76. Urinary Bladder cancer in 60yrs male presented with painless hematuria investigation of choice is – Cystoscopy
  77. RCC prognosis depend on – Stage of disease
  78. Uretric injury site most common at - lower 1/3
  79. Regular drinking of Cranverry fruit juice can prevent UTI.
  80. Struvite stone (Stag horn calculus or triple phosphate stone) -  seen in proteolytic organism (Proteus, Klabsella, staph, E.coli)  urinary tract infection, alkaline urine.
  81. Radiolucent stone – uric acid stone.
  82. Uretric colic due to – increased peristalsis of ureter
  83. Stone resistant to lithotripsy – Cystine stone.
  84. Treatment of choice of renal cancer – Radical nephrectomy.
  85. Treatment of choice of renal cancer upto 4cm localized at either pole of the kidney – Partial nephratomy.
  86. Most important determinant of prognosis in willms tumor – histology
  87. Willms tumor associated with- anirida, male pseudo hermaphrodite, hemihypertrophy, Hypertension
  88. Most common histological variant of RCC – Clear cell cancer.
  89. Most important prognostic indicator for RCC – Pathological staging
  90. First autologous renal transplantation done by – Hardy
  91. Indication of percutaneous nephrostomy – Stone removal, Uretric obstruction, Renal tumor resection, antigrade renography. 
  92. Most common renal vascular anomaly – Supernumerary renal arteries
  93. Complication when PCNL is done through 11th intercostals space – Hydrothrox.
  94. Gleason score - Used for grading prostate cancer,  Scores range from 2-10, Higher the score, poorer the prognosis , Helps in planning management.
  95. The most common cyst of the jaw is: Radicular cyst
  96. Most common post-operative parotitis: Staphylococcus
  97. Carcinoma breast which is most often bilateral is : Lobular carcinoma
  98. Type of thyroid carcinoma which produces high level of serum calcitonin is: Medullary
  99. Medullary carcinoma of thyroid arises from: Interfollicular C-cells
  100. The most common organism found in breast abscess is : Sterile abscess/staphylococcus
  101. Commonest cause of bleeding from nipple is: Duct papilloma
  102. Best diagnostic investigation for lump breast is : Excisional disease
  103. Hurthle cells are seen in : Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  104. Most common regime used in Ca. breast: CAF
  105. Thyroid carcinoma with best prognosis is: Papillary carcinoma
  106. FNAC is NOT of much use in which thyroid pathology: Follicular Carcinoma
  107. Most common source for thrombus in pulmonary embolism is : femoral vein
  108. Blalock -tausing shunt is used in the correction of: Tetralogy of Fallot
  109. Ganglioneuroma is most common in: Retroperitoneum region
  110. The chest injury with worst prognosis is : Flail chest
  111. Which of the following is the commonest tumor of anterior mediastinum: Thymoma
  112. Hamman's sign is most characteristic of: Pneumopericardium
  113. Aspiration pneumonia is most common in : Right lower posterior
  114. Ca. lung mainly metastasizes to : Liver
  115. Paradoxical respiration is seen in : Flail chest
  116. Common cause of microabscess in lungs includes: Staphylococcus
  117. Oschner sherren regime is most appropriate in the management of: Appendicular Lump
  118. The most common cause of hemobilia: Trauma
  119. Commonest cause of acute epigastric pain is: Myocardial infarction
  120. Bilious vomiting is not seen in infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. 
  121. Carcinoma stomach with good prognosis is : Superficial spreading
  122. Most common type of intussusceptions is: Ileo- colic
  123. In India, Splenectomy is most commonly performed for: Trauma
  124. Most common site for intraperitoneal abscess is : Pelvic
  125. Hour glass deformity of the stomach is seen in : Gastric ulcer
  126. The most common benign tumor of stomach is: Leimyoma
  127. Best treatment of zollinger Ellison syndrome: Excision of Tumor
  128. Commonest site of amoebiasis in the gut is : Caecum
  129. Commonest complication of diverticulosis of sigmoid colon is : Bleeding per rectum
  130. Villus in which blood vessels appear is : secondary
  131. Likely diagnosis in a young female with pain (without fever) in right iliac fossa and pallor: Ruptured ectopic
  132. Most common type of hernia to strangulate is: Femoral Hernia
  133. True about external inguinal ring is: an opening in external oblique muscle
  134. A hernia which incarcerated only a portion of intestinal lumen is called a Richter hernia. 
  135. Most common complications of Meckel's diverticulum is: Haemorrhage
  136. Treatment of annular pancreas is: Duodenojejunostomy
  137. A patient should avoid 6 weeks sternous activity ,following an inguinal herniorrhaphy
  138. Commonest sliding component of direct hernia is: Sigmoid colon
  139. The commonest late complication of traumatic rupture of urethra is: Stricture
  140. The most important differential diagnosis for testicular tumor is: Hematocele
  141. The most common testicular tumor of childhood is: Embryonal Ca
  142. Osteoblastic secondaries in bone are seen with: Ca. prostate
  143. Subcapsular nephrectomy is indicated in: Pyonephrosis
  144. Testicular malignancy commonest in undescended testes is : Seminoma
  145. Prostatic cancer metastasizes most common : Lumber vertibra
  146. The commonest position of ectopic testes is: Near the superficial inguinal ring
  147. The triad of wilm's tumor: Hematuria, Mass abdomen,fever
  148. Most malignant testicular carcinoma: choriocarcinoma
  149. Commonest mode of spread of Ca. prostate is : Blood vessels
  150. Transitional cell carcinoma is more common in : Dye workers
  151. Most common predisposing factor for chronic pyelonephritis is: Vesico-ureteric rejlux
  152. Treatment of unilateral undescended testis :  orchidopexy(6month age)
  153. Investigation of choice to detect small para-aortic lymph node is : Lymphangiography
  154. Catgut is made from intestine of: Sheep
  155. Metastasis to bone is not a feature of: Co. Rectum
  156. 5-FU is the chemotherapeutic of choice in the following solid tumors: Ca. pancreas, Ca. breast ,Ca. colon
  157. Hravey's sign is : Venous filling after emptying a length ofvein
  158. Mecedes benz or Seagull sign seen in : Cholelithiasis
  159. Child's criteria is used in: Cirrhosis
  160. Mc Burney's point: at the junction of lateral 1/3rd and medial 2/3 of this line
  161. The minimal amount of urine required to excrete at the end products of metabolism is : 400ml per day
  162. In vilous papillomas of the rectum electrolyte which is lost: K
  163. Commonest syptoms of pheochromocytoma is : Headache
  164. Foramen of Bochdalek is seen in : Diaphragm
  165. Hypoxaemic shock manifest when the percentage of blood loss exceeds: 15%
  166. Melanoma should be excised with a margin of: 1cm for-1mm depth, 2cm for >1mm dept of lesion
  167. Most common cause of hypercalcemic crisis is: Parathyroid adenoma
  168. Lucid interval is seen in : EDH
  169. Dietl's crisis is seen in: Hydronephrosis
  170. Most common cause of colonic. obstruction is : Carcinoma
  171. Migratory thrombophlebitis is a feature of: pancreatic ca
  172. In internal organs, haemangioma is most commonly seen in: Liver
  173. Sebaceous cyst is a : Implantation dermoid
  174. Blisters and bullae are classically seen in : Second degree burn
  175. Ganglioneuroma is most common in : Retroperitoneum region
  176. Secondary deposits from carcinoma breast are commonest in : lumber vertibra
  177. Cold ischaemic time of the kidney is: 72 hrs
  178. Commonest type of hypospadias : Glandular
  179. Hirschsprung's clisease is best diagnosed by : Full thickness rectal biopsy
  180. Tietz's syndrome usually develops at the: Second costal cartilage
  181. Adson's test is positive in : Cervical rib
  182. Earliest sign of deep vein thrombosis is : Rise in temperature
  183. Commonest posterior mediastinal tumor is: Neurojibroma
  184. Commonest cause of A-V fistulae is: Truumatic
  185. Commonest tumour ofliver is : Haemangiomu
  186. The commonest cause of bleeding from lower GIT : Diverticulosis;
  187. Acute mastitis commonly occurs during : Lactation
  188. Dentigerous cyst arises from : unerupted tooth
  189. Ranula is a : Retention cyst
  190. Herpes zoster is NOT common infection following post splenectomy
  191. Antibiotics for prophylaxis is should be given: with premedication just before surgery
  192. Mucus strings in urine is suggestive of: Prostatitis
  193. On the 7 th post-operative day, abdominal wound shows sero-sanguinous discharge. it suggestive of : abdominal wound dehiscence
  194. Gastrojejunostomy without any spillage of contents is a: Clean contaminated wound
  195. Occult thyroid malignancies( lateral abberent thyroid) are usually: Papillary ca thyroid
  196. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis presents : 3-4 wk
  197. The treatment of hydrocele in children is: Herniotomy
  198. The primary therapy to prevent oesophageal varices is: Banding
  199. Round worm causes following: Obstructive jaundice,Pancreatitis,Intestinal obstruction
  200. Corkscrew oesophagus is seen in : Diffuse oesophaseal spasm
  201. Pneumobilia is seen in all : Mirizzi syndrome, papilotomy, Biliary intestinal anastolllos;s
  202. The first symptom in tuberculosis of kidney is : Increased frequency of micturation
  203. Keloid formation is NOT seen over: Face
  204. How will you localize adrenal pheochromocytoma: MRI (MIBG scan for extra adrenal pheochromocytoma)
  205. Non irritant fluid to peritoneum: Saline(NS)
  206. Deep vein thrombosis post-operatively best diagnose by: Duplex
  207. Lymphatic from left upper quadrant of breast drain into following: Anterior axillary, Central, Apical
  208. Commonest site of meningomyelocele is: Lumbosacral
  209. Early cause of death due to bums is: Hypovolumic Shock
  210. What is cause of death in acute pancreatitis-shock
  211. Hyperthyroidism present as all: Atrial fibrillation, Tremor, Panic attacks
  212. Pointing finger is deformity of: Median nerve injury
  213. Linitis plastic is type of: Stomach Ca
  214. Pseudopolypop is seen in: UC
  215. Size of CBD: 7.5 -10mm
  216. Carcinoma of breast spread to other breast is more common in: Lobular Ca
  217. Swelling of deep parotid gland presents as swelling in : Soft plate region
  218. Malnutrition is caused by all : Antral resection ,Low diet intake, Enteropeptidase deficiency
  219. 14-C Xylose test diagnostic of: Coeliac disease
  220. The probable cause of sudden death in a case of superficial injury to neck: Air embolism through external jugular vein.
  221. The breast carcinoma with good prognosis is: Papillary carcinoma
  222. Cirrhosis seen secondary to : Bile duct obstruction
  223. Sub fascial ligation of perforators, Stripping of large sephanous vein used in a patient of venous ulcer with oedema and tenderness.
  224. Serum acid phosphatise is increased in: Paget's disease
  225. The commonest complication of pseudopancreatic cyst is: Infection
  226. A foreign body usually gets arrested in which parts of the oesophagus : Above the cricopharyllX
  227. A herniation of abdominal contents through the Rt side of abd wall: Gastroschisis
  228. How ship-romberg sign is seen in: Obturator heYllia
  229. Cannon ball seen in the lungs are characteristic of: RCC mets
  230. Most common primary source of metastasis to brain: LUNG
  231. Most important sign in acute appendicitis is: Pain in right lower abdomen
  232. Double bubble" sign is pathognomonic feature of: Duodenal atresia
  233. The commonest site of sialthesis is: Submalldibular
  234. Meralgia paresthetica involves: Lateral cutalleous nerve of thigh
  235. Sago spleen is seen in: Amyloidosis
  236. The most common infection ill post-splenectomy period is: Pneumococcal
  237. Commonest site for thyroglossal cyst: Suprahyoid
  238. Splenectomy is the best treatment for: Hereditary spherocytosis
  239. Massive splenomegaly seen in: hair cell leukaemia
  240. Hunterian ligature is for: Alleurysm
  241. In villous papillomas of the rectum which is lost: K+ 
  242. The commonest pancreatic tumor is: Insulinoma
  243. Carcinoma tongue is predisposed by: Irritation,syphilis,Sepsis,puIpitis
  244. Splitting is a method of choice for treatment of burns of: Hands
  245. String of beads sign in arteriogram is diagnostic of: Fibro muscular
  246. The most common cyst of the jaw is: Radicular cyst
  247. Bruner's glands is Stimulated by acetylcholine. 
  248. Strangulation without obstruction is seen in : Richter's hernia
  249. Bleeding tendency in case of esophageal varices depends on : Size and Site of varices
  250. N-myc gene is seen in: Neuroblastoma
  251. In neck dissection surgery, the structure saved is : Phrenic nerve
  252. Vincent's angina is caused by: Borrelia vincenti, Fusiformis
  253. Bezold's abscess is seen in : Sternocleidomastoid
  254. Raynaud's phenomenon is associated with : Wegner's granulomatosis
  255. Mixed parotid tumor is : Firm and capsulate~
  256. Visceral aneurysm is most common in : Splenic -A
  257. Pseudoclaudication is : d/t compression of popliteal artery
  258. Isograft is : between monozygotic twins
  259. The most common neurologic abnormality that occurs with head injury is: Altered consciousness
  260. Odontomas which is locally invasive malignant tumour: Ameloblastoma
  261. Medullary thyroid cancer is most aggressive in type: MEN-Ilb
  262. TAXOL is not used in breast cancer. 
  263. Barret's oesophagus causes true adenocarcinoma of oesophagus
  264. "Popcorn calcification" in a lung nodules is pathognomic of: Hamartomas
  265. Poorest prognosis in lung cancer is associated with: small cell carcinoma
  266. Most characteristic of congenital hyper trophic pyloric stenosis: affects the 1st born male child
  267. In patient with cirrhosis of the liver the site of obstruction in the portal system is in the: Sintlsoids
  268. Appendicular stump is obtained by: Ligation and Inversion
  269. Hydrocele is type of EXUDATION cyst
  270. Richter's hernia is seen most commonly in: Femoral hernia
  271. TRUSS should Not be advice as treatment of femoral hernia
  272. A nodule of 2 cm in left thyroid diagnosed as papillary Ca. treatment of choice is: Total thyroidectomy
  273. A person was brought to the ER after his dinner with C/O something sticking in his throat which later progressed to dyspnoea and diagnosis is : Foreign body
  274. Intermittent claudication means: Pain in leg only on exercise
  275. Latest classification of wilm's tumour is: AJCC TN~
  276. Most common site of subclavian artery obstruction is : 1st part
  277. Organ most common damaged in bomb explosion is: Ear Drum
  278. Drugs used for detrusor instability are: Solifenacin ,Flavoxate, Tiaperetide
  279. Transverse fold of rectum is NOT a permanent mucosal fold
  280. Acute and recurrent pancreatitis is reported to occur in: Methyl malonic acidemia
  281. Heimlich valve is used for drainage of: Pneumothorax
  282. In a 6 yrs. Old child with bums involving the whole of head and trunk, the estimated body surface area of burns is: 52% 
  283. Prepyloric or channel ulcer in the stomach is termed as: TYPE 3
  284. A emerging viral pathogen causing pyelonephritis in kidney allografts is : Polyoma Virus
  285. Bilateral renal carcinoma is see in : Von hippel-lindau disease
  286. Reynold's pentad is characteristic of: Cholangitis
  287. Fever, laundice,RU pain,septic shock and mental status =Reynold's Pentad
  288. 1.5% GLYCINE is used as an irrigation solution during transurethral resection of the prostate
  289. Least risk of Ca. breast is seen in : Ataxia Telangiectasia
  290. Hypotension in acute spinal injury is due to: loss of sympathetic tone
  291. Earliest post operative complication of ileostomy: necrosis
  292. Ideal age of orchidopexy is : 6 months
  293. Colonic diverticulosis is best diagnosed by: Barium enema
  294. Severity of acute pancreatitis correlate with levels of all of the following:, Glucose, calcium
  295. In Couinaud classification, segment IV of liver is : uadrate lobe
  296. Shoulder pain post-laparoscopy is due to: CO2 retention
  297. In which of the following head neck cancers, lymph node metastasis is least common: Hard palate
  298. Most common site of curling's ulcer: duodenum
  299. Most common site for peripheral aneurysm: Popliteal artery
  300. Ipsilateral supraclavicular Iymphnodes(N3c) are position in a patient of Ca. breast stage is: stage III
  301. Glomus tumour is seen in : Finger
  302. Bariatric surgery procedure include: Ileal transposition
  303. Most common site for cholangiocarcinoma : Hilum
  304. Central dot sign: Caroli's disease
  305. Nicoldoni sign also known as : Branham sign
  306. Rt. Hepatic drains all: segment l,IV, 0!
  307. Most common cause of esophagitis is : Esophageal reflux
  308. NOT a predisposing factor of Ca. esophagus: Mediastinal fibrosis.
  309. Following is used to define neck penetrating injury: Breach of platysma
  310. Allopurinol is used in organ preservation as: Free radical scavenger
  311. Skip lesions are seen in : Crohn's disease
  312. Hirschspnmg disease is due to: Failure o/migration o/neural crest cells/rom cranial to caudal direction
  313. Treatment of choice for desmoids tumor is : Wide excision

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