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Operations By Name

  1. Bankarts’ procedure / Putti-Plat procedure / Bristow’s procedure: for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder
  2. Steindler’s release: for cavus deformity of the foot
  3. Wilson’s release: for flexion deformity of the knee
  4. Dwyer’s osteotomy: for varus of heel in CTEV
  5. Dillwyn Evan’s operation: for correction of CTEV
  6. Grice-Green operation: for subtalar Arthrodesis
  7. Soutter’s release: for flexion deformity of the hip in polio
  8. Yount’s release: for flexion deformity of the knee in polio
  9. Hauser’s operation: for recurrent dislocation of patella
  10. Jone’s operation: for foot deformity in polio
  11. Lambrinudi operation: for correcting equinus deformity of the foot
  12. Turco’s procedure: for CTEV
  13. Tension-band wiring: for fracture patella / olecranon / medial malleolus
  14. Girdlestonearthroplasty: for TB hip
  15. Meyer’s operation: for fracture neck of the femur
  16. Watson Jones operation: Chronic Ankle instability

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