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Other erythemas

E- gyratum

E~ migrans chronicum

E~ marginatum (E~ annulare)

E ~ Infectiosum


Lyme disease

- Rheumatic fever

- Trunk

- Fifth disease

- Parvovirus B-19

- Slapped cheek app.

  1. E~ pernio – in Chilblain
  2. E~ streptogenes – in pityriasis alba
  3. E ~ toxicum – in normal neonates
  4. Erythema Induratum:  Seen usually in calf region, a form of necrotic vasculitis, type of Tuberculid.
  5. Granuloma Annulare:  Seen in DM.
  1. Urticaria Pigmentosa
    1. Development of wheal on gentle stroking of a pigmented macule (Darier's sign).
    2. Disease of mast cells: systemic mastocytosis --> severe, itching.
    3. AD inheritance in some cases (familial).
    4. Recurrent diarrhea, reddish brown macule on torso / extremities.
  2. Diseases of eccrine sweat glands      
    1. Hyperhidrosis      
    2. Anhidrosis  
    3. Miliaria

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