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Some Orthopaedic Terms

  1. Osteotomy: making a cut in the bone
  2. McMurray’s/Pauwels’ osteotomy for fracture neck femur
  3. Wilson’s osteotomy for congenital coxavara
  4. High tibial osteotomy for OA knee with varus
  5. Dwyer’s osteotomy - for CTEV
  6. Salter’s/Pemberton’s osteotomy for DDH
  7. Spinal osteotomy for Ankylosingspondylosis / R.A
  8. French osteotomy for cubitusvarus deformity
  9. Dimon-Houston osteotomy/Sarmiento osteotomy for intertrochanteric fracture
  10. Sandwich osteotomy for slipped epiphysis
  11. Osteoclasis: re breaking a uniting fracture / callus (to obtain better reduction)
  12. Osteosynthesis: reconstructing a fractured bone
  13. Osteogenesis: new bone formation
  14. Arthrolysis: releasing a stiff joint
  15. Arthrodesis: fusing a joint
  16. Arthroplasty: creating a new joint
  17. Arthrocentesis: aspiration of a joint
  18. Arthroscopy: looking into a joint with a telescope
  19. Arthrotomy: opening up a joint
  20. Arthrography: imaging a joint with dye inside it
  21. Laminotomy: making a hole in the lamina
  22. Hemilaminectomy: removing half of the lamina
  23. Laminectomy: removing whole of the lamina
  24. Fenestration: removing ligamentumflavum (from in-between the laminae)
  25. Neurolysis: releasing a tight nerve
  26. Neurectomy: cutting a nerve (as in C.P.)
  27. “Neurotization”  Nerve transfer one to other nerve.
  28. Neurorrhaphy: repairing a nerve
  29. Tenotomy: cutting a tendon
  30. Tenodesis: attaching a tendon to another tendon or bone
  31. Tenolysis: releasing a tendon from adhesions
  32. Tendon transfers: changing the direction or action of a tendon
  33. Closed reduction: setting a fracture in position by manipulation
  34. Open reduction: setting a fracture by operation
  35. Epiphysiodesis: knocking out an Epiphyseal plate to stop its growth

Traction systems and their uses



Gallows’s traction

Fracture shaft of the femur in children below 2 years

Bryant's traction Russell's traction

Same Trochanteric fractures

Buck's traction

Conventional skin traction

Perkin's traction

Fracture shaft femur in adults

Fracture shaft of femur in children

90°.90° traction

Fracture shaft of femur in children

Agnes Hunt traction

Well leg traction

Correction of hip deformity

Correction of adduction or abduction deformity of hip

Dunlop traction

Supracondylar fracture of humerus

Smith's traction

Supracondylar fracture of humerus

Calcaneal traction

Open fractures of ankle or leg

Metacarpal traction

Open forearm fractures

Head halter traction

Cervical spine injuries

Crutchfield traction

Cervical spine injuries

Halo pelvic traction




Used In

Minerva Cast

Cervical spine

Risser’s cast, Turn buckle cast


Shoulder spica

Shoulder immobilization

U Slab, Hanging Cast

Fracture shaft humerus

Colle’s cast

Fracture lower end radius Q

Glass holding cast

Fracture scaphoid Q

Hip spica

Hip immobilization & fracture shaft femur

Cylinder (Tube Cast)

Fracture patella Q

PTB cast

Fracture tibia Q

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