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Treatment of choice


a. Hypochondriasis, somatoform disease

: Supportive psychotherapy

Anxiety neurosis, hysteria

b.  Phobia

: Systemic desensitization (Behavior therapy

c.  Drugs for OCD

: Clomipramine > Fluoxetine

d.  DOC for ADHD

: Methylphenidate

Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome

: Atypical antipsychotics, low dose haloperidol

e.  Non-organic encopresis

: Behavior therapy

f.   For Panic disorder


For Panic attack (acute)

: Benzodiazepines

g.  Delusional depression

: Antidepressant + antipsychotic or Li (CPZ, Haloperidol, [depression with psychotic features] Pimozide) or ECT

h.  Paranoid delusional disorder with

: Pimozide somatic / hypochondrial delusion

i.   Delirium tremens

: Diazepam

j.   Resistant cases of schizophrenia

: Clozapine

k.  Milieu therapy / Therapeutic community / family therapy

:in Schizophrenia

l.   Bio feedback Jacobson s relaxation

: In type A behavior / personality

technique, Autohypnosis

(Psychosomatic disorder)

m. Squeeze technique (Masters & Johnson s)

: In premature ejaculation

n.  Abreaction therapy

: Mainly in Hysteria &Diagnosis of catatonic syndrome.

(Amytal interview)

(Interview with mute, stupor)

o.  Behavior therapy


Systemic desensitization

: TOC in Phobias

Aversion therapy:


: Alc. dependence, transvestism, homosexuality,


Hysteria flooding is used for phobia.

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