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Congenital Anomalies Of Lens

  1. Coloboma of lens (M/C inferior)
  2. Microspherophakia :
  • lens is small and spherical
  • associated with Weil-Marchesani syndrome
  • causes inverse glaucoma
Recent Advances: Plasma membranes of vertebrate lens fiber cells contain a major intrinsic polypeptide with an apparent molecular weight of 26,000 (MIP26). These plasma membranes are extremely rich in communicating junctions, MIP26 from lens membranes is a gap junctional polypeptide.

The best accounted function to MIP-26 in lens (AIIMS Nov 2009)

  1. Glucose transport                                           
  2. Maintains lens transparency
  3. Oxygen transport                                            
  4. CO2 transport

 B. Maintains lens transparency

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