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Displacement of The Lens

Subluxation : incomplete displacement
Dislocation : complete displacement of lens

  1. Congenital Ectopia lentis Q - refers to a displacement of the lens from its normal position
    1. Without Systemic Associations Q
    1. Familial ectopia lentis      
    2. Ectopia lentis et pupillae                
    3. Aniridia
  2. With systemic associations – 
    2. Without systemic associations Q
  1. Marfan syndrome (Supertoemponal)
  2. Weill-Marchesani syndrome (anterior)
  3. Homocystinuria (inferonasal)
  4. Hyperlysinemia
  5. Sulphite oxidase deficiency
  6. Stickler syndrome
  7. Ehler Danlos syndrome      
  1. Acquired causes - include Trauma, psevdoexfolationsyndrown buphthalmos) anterior uveal tumours, Q and hypermature cataract. Q 
    1. refractive error (lenticular myopia)
    2. optical distortion due to astigmatism and lens edge effect
    3. glaucoma
    4. Lens-induced uveitis
Treatment –
  1. Spectacle correction
  2. Surgical removal of the lens Intracapsular cataract entraction

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