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Circulatory Disorders


  1. Portal vein obstruction and thrombosis - Extrahepatic / Intrahepatic Q
    1. Banti Syndrome: Extrahepatic PV thrombosis. Q
      Subclinical occlusion (neonatal umbilical sepsis / umbilical vein
    2. catheterization) presents as ascites and variceal bleeding years later
    3. Intraabdominal sepsis
    4. Thrombogenic disorders (post - surgical)
    5. Trauma
      Acute intra hepatic PV thromboses produces sharply demarcated area of red – blue discoloration - infarct of zahn. Q
  2. Budd-Chiari Syndrom
    1. Hepatic vein thrombosis Hepatomegaly, weight gain, ascites, abdominal pain
    2. Associated with polycythemia vera, pregnancy, post partum state, OCs, PNH intra abd.
      Ca Idiopathic (30%)--    
    3. Treatment: Portosystemic shunt Q
  3. Veno. Occlusive Disease
    1. Jamaican drinkers of pyrrolizidine alkaloid containing bush tea
    2. Now. After BM transplant 25% of patients Obliteration of hepatic vein radicals by endothelial swelling and fine collagen Diagnosis by H/O tender   hepatomegaly,   jaundice ascites; Do not do biopsy as. It can be catastrophic
    3. Pathogenesis: Toxic damage to endothelium
    4. Peliosis Hepatis
      • Sinusoidal dilatation
      • Hepatic efflux impeded associated with Anabolic steroids, rarely OCs and danazol
      • HIV infection ~Bartonella henselae infection Peliosis
  4. ‘Heart Failure’
    1. (R) Heart failure - Passive congestion of liver
    2. (L) Heart failure / shock - centrilobular necrosis
    3. Combination of -hypo perfusion and retrograde congestion centrilobular haemorhagic necrosing (Nut meg liver)
    4. Complication - Cardiac sclerosis / cardiac cirrhosis

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