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Liver Disease With Pregnancy

  1. Pre eclampsia & Eclampsia : HELLP Syndrome Q
    On liver:
    1. Small, red, haemorrhagic patches
    2. Periportal necrosis; periportal fibrinoid deposits
    3. Hematoma
    4. Hepatic Rupture (blood under Glisson capsule)
    5. T/T - Termination of pregnancy 
  2. Acute fatty liver of pregnancy Q
    1. Latter half of pregnancy (3rd trimester)
    2. Defect in intra mitochondrial FA oxidation
    3. Microvesicular Steatosis with lobular disarray
    4. Clinical features of Hepatic failure 
  3. Intra hepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
    1. Mild cholestasis without necrosis
    2. 3rd trimester

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