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Adductor Canal (Hunter's Canal Or Subsartorial Canal)




  1. It is a narrow intermuscular aponeurotic tunnel in the medial aspect of middle one third of thigh, beneath the sartorius muscle. Above it is continuous with apex of femoral triangle. Below it is continuous with popliteal fossa through an opening in the adductor magnus, i.e. adductor hiatus. It is triangular in cross section. Boundaries of adductor canal are:
    1. Anterior wall: - Vastus medialis.
    2. Posterior wall (floor):- Adductor longus (above), adductor magnus (below).
    3. Medial wall (roof):- Fibrous band connecting vastus medialis with adductor longus. Sartorius muscle and subsartorial nerve plexus lie on the roof.
  2. Contents of adductor canal are femoral artery, femoral vein, saphenous nerve, nerve to vastus medialis, descending genicular artery, deep lymph vessels, and two terminal divisions of obturator nerve.

Popliteal Fossa

  1. It is a diamond-shaped depression lying behind the knee joint, the lower part of femur and upper part of tibia.


  1. Superolateral:-biceps femoris.
  2. Superomedial: - Semimembranosus and semitendinosus supplemented by gracilis, sartorius and adductor magnus.
  3. Inferolaterally:-Lateral head of gastrocnemius and plantaris.
  4. Inferomedially:-Medial head of gastrocnemius.
  5. Floor (anterior wall):- From above download: Popliteal surface of femur; posterior capsule of knee joint and oblique popliteal ligament; popliteal fascia covering popliteus muscle.
  6. Roof (posterior wall):- Skin, superficial fascia, and deep fascia. The superficial fascia of roof contains small saphenous vein and three cutaneous nerves (posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh, posterior division of medial cutaneous nerve of thigh, and the peroneal or sural communicating nerve).
  1. Contents of popliteal fossa are:
    1. Popliteal artery and its branches.                                              
    2. Popliteal vein and its tributaries.
    3. Tibial nerve.                                                                        
    4. Common peroneal nerve.
    5. Termination of short saphenous vein.                          
    6. Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve.
    7. Genicular branch of posterior division of obturator nerve.
    8. Popliteal lymph nodes.
    9. Pad of fat.

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