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Structures Passing Through Sciatic Foramen


Structures passing through the Greater Sciatic Foramen (Gateway of Gluteal Region)


  1. The piriformis, emerging from the pelvis fills the foramen almost completely. It is the key muscle of the region.
  2. Structures passing above the piriformis are :
    1. Superior gluteal nerve.                            
    2. Superior gluteal vessels.
  3. Structures passing below the piriformis are :
    1. Inferior gluteal nerve.                              
    2. Inferior gluteal vessels.
    3. Sciatic nerve.                                              
    4. Posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh.
    5. Nerve to quadratus femoris.                  
    6. Pudendal nerve.
    7. Internal pudendal vessels.                                   
    8. Nerve to obturator internus.

The last three structures, after a short course in the gluteal region, enter the lesser sciatic foramen, where the pudendal nerve and internal pudendal vessels run in the pudendal canal.


Structures passing through the Lesser Sciatic Foramen

  1. Tendon of obturator internus.
  2. Pudendal nerve.
  3. Internal pudendal vessels.
  4. Nerve to obturator intern us.

The upper and lower parts of the foramen are filled up by the origins of the two gemelli muscles.


Blood supply of the head of femur

Femoral head is supplied by:-

  1. Medial circumflex femoral artery  
    It is the major blood supply of femoral head and supplies the femoral head through following branches :-
    1. Lateral (superior) retinacular artery: also called lateral ascending cervical artery and is the major blood supply of femoral head.
    2. Medial (inferior) retinacular artery
    3. Posterior retinacular artery
  1. Lateral circumflex femoral artery
    1. It supplies through anterior retinacular artery.
  1. Obturator artery
    1. It is a minor supply and supplies through artery of ligamentum teres (medial epiphyseal artery).
      1. Intramedullary vessel in the femoral neck.

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