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  1. M3 is associated with disseminated coagulopathy. Q
  2. M4 and M5 with infiltration of gums and CNS leukemia. Q
  3. M7 with pancytopeniaQ
  4. Symptomatology is same as ALL but macrovascular occlusions are seen most commonly.
  5. Chloromas may occur at presentation (Periocular) more common with (8;21) M2 types. Q
  6. Hepatosplenomegaly are present in 50% case.
  7. Auer rods are diagnostic of AMLQ
    ASD chloracetate esterase and sudden black helps is diagnosis.
  8. Complete remission inducing rate with cytarabine plus daunorubicin is 60 – 80%.
  9. Trans – retinoic acid therapy can induce complete remission is M3 subtype.
  10. Bone marrow transplantation in therapeutic approach is first remission.
  11. Monoclonal antibodies have some roles.

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