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Court Procedures

  1. FORENSIC MEDICINE: is application on medical knowledge for legal problems.
  2. MEDICAL JURISPUDENCE: It deals with legal responsibilities of a doctor concerned with practice of medicine e.g. medical negligence cases, consent, medical ethics.
  3. INQUEST : It is the investigation in to the cause of death,
  4. POLICE INQUEST (174 CrPc) : Done by officer in charge of a police station, autopsy is done on requisition of senior head constable (the person of minimum rank).
    1. Conducted by District magistrate, Sub divisional magistrate and Executive magistrate.
    2. It is conduct in following circumstances.

      1. Death (unnatural) within 7 yrs of Marriage. (dowry death)
      2. Death in Police firing.
      3. Death in Prison.
      4. Death in Police custody or interrogation.
      5. Death in Psychiatric hospital.
    3. Magistrate inquest is not conducted by judicial magistrate.
  1. CORONER INQUEST : No longer done in India.
  2. MEDICAL EXAMINER’S INQUEST: Not done in India. Medical examiner is a forensic pathologist who conducts and supervises inquest. It is considered to be the best form of inquest. Practiced in USA.
  3. 53 CrPC. Examination of accused by medical practitioner at the request of police officer.
    1. When a person is arrested on a charge of committing an offence, it shall be lawful for a registered medical practitioner, acting, at the request of a police officer not below the rank of sub-inspector, to make such all examinations and Investigations of the person arrested and to use such force as is reasonably necessary for that purpose.
    2. Whenever the person of a female is to be examined under this section, the examination shall be made only by, or under the supervision of, a female registered medical practitioner.
  4. Cognizable Offences:
    1. All Grievous Hurts
    2. Simple hurt by dangerous weapon
    3. Murder
    4. Culpable Homicide
    5. Causing death by rash or negligence act.
    6. Dowry Death
    7. Abetment of suicide
    8. Attempt to murder
    9. Attempt to commit suicide

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