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Indian medical council act 1956

Introduction :-


Juris = Law ; prudentia = knowledge. It deals with legal responsibilities of the physician with particular reference to those arising from physician patient relationship.


MEDICAL LAW & ETHICS – The medical profession is governed by legislation and by code of ethics. Enforcement of the code is done by medical council

  1. I.M.C. consists of medical practitioners elected from each state,each  university and few nominated by government of India.
  2. 1st schedule of the act contains list of medical qualification offered by medical institutions in India that are recognized by MCI.
  3. 2nd schedule contain those granted outside India that are recognized by MCI. 
  4. 3rd schedule part 1 contain those granted to a citizen of India by Indian medical institutions in the territories now forming part of Pakistan and granted before 15th August 1947 or part of Burma and granted before 1st April 1937. 
  5. 3rd schedule part 2 contains those granted outside India but not included in the second schedule

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