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State medical council

  1. Functions:-
    1. The council keeps a state medical register,
    2. Disciplinary control – has the power to remove the name of the medical practitioner found guilty of serious professional misconduct.
    3. They can issue Warning notice.
  2. Erasure of Name: in cases of – 
    1. Death of the registered practitioner.
    2. Entries made in error or fraud.
    3. Penal erasure or “professional death sentence” in cases of serious professional misconduct.
  3. INFAMOUS CONDUCT = SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT: It is any conduct by a doctor which might reasonably be regarded as disgraceful or dishonorable. It is judged by professional men of good repute and competence.
  4. WARNING NOTICE is issued in the following offences of infamous conduct :-
    1. Association with unqualified person in professional matters.
    2. Advertising.
    3. Adultery (S. 497 IPC ) arising out of professional relation.
    4. unlawful Abortion (against MTP act) or illegal operation.
    5. Addiction.
    6. Alcohol.
    7. Conviction by court of law.
    8. Issuing of false certificates.
    9. Dichotomy or fee-splitting i.e. receiving or giving commission to professional colleague or a trader in drugs or appliances, or a chemist etc.
    10. Using touts to procure patients
    11. Disclosing secrets of patients
    12. Covering :- Assisting people with no medical qualification to treat or perform an operation

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