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Mineralocorticoid receptor are not present on : (AIPG 2011, AIIMS NOV 2008)

A Distal nephron
B Colon

C Liver
D Hippocampus

Ans. C Liver

I. Aldosterone’s and other steroids with mineralocorticoid activity increase the reabsorptions of Na+ from the urine, sweat, saliva, and gastric juice.

II. Sodium ions move out of the urine (Or saliva, sweat, or gastric juice) into the surrounding epithelial cells and are actively transported from these cells into the interstitial fluid.

III. The amount of Na+ removed from these fluids is proportionate to the rate of active transport of Na+.

IV. Thus, mineralocorticoids cause retention of Na+ in the ECF. In the kidneys, they act primarily on the epithelium of the cortical collecting ducts.

V. They may also increased the K+ and decreased the Na+ levels in muscle and brain cells.

VI. Under the influence of aldosterone, increased amounts of Na+ are in effect exchanged for K+ and H+ in the renal tubules, producing a K+ diuresis and increase in urine acidity.