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Depressive disorders : 36-90%Q
Alcohol dependence or abuse : 43-54%Q
Personality disorder : 5-44%
Drug dependence or abuse : 4-45%
Schizophrenic disorder : 3-10%
Organic mental disorders : 2-7%
More than 95% cases: psychiatric disorder, mostly depression( 45%)
Causes: Depression : 15%
Alcohol: 15%
Personality disorders: 5%

Risk Factors:
Age > 40 years
Males (males commit more while females attempt more)
Single, unmarried, widowed
Previous attempt
Suicidal thoughts

Attempts: 1% complete suicide in 1 year
Paradoxical suicide: suicide when depression is improving.

Diogenes Syndrome :
  1. This is characterized by Gross-self-neglect, especially among elderly reclusive persons, through not always.
  2. Some Authorities believe that this is an end-stage personality Disorder, some have Schizophrenia, dementia.
  3. As well as neglect the person may live in Squalor, refuse any offers of help and sometimes hoard rubbish (Syllogomania) yet be seemingly unconcerned about their situation.

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