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Most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in Indian female is - (AIIMS Nov 2012)

A Vegetables
B Nail polish

C Detergents
D Dyes

Ans. C

a. Most of the guides have given detergents as the answer.

b. But they have missed, one very important clue in this question.

c. The examinor has asked about allergic contact dermatitis (the word allergic is important).

d. As I have already explained that contact dermatitis may be caused by two mechanisms.

i. Due to irritant action à Irritant contact dermatitis

ii. Due to allergy to a particular antigen àAllergic contact dermatitis.

e. Detergents cause irritant contact Dermatitis not allergic contact dermatitis (How can Detergents be the answer of this question).

f. But you should remember following important information :-

i. Most common cause of air borne allergic contact dermatitis in India àParthenium (congress grass)

ii. Most common metal causing allergic contact dermatitis ànickel.

iii. Most common cause of Irritant contact dermatitis in India women (house wife dermatitis) àDetergents.