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Common Peroneal Nerve Injury

  1. Motor
    1. Muscles of anterior & lateral compartments of leg are paralyzed namely- tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus & brevis, extensor halucis longus & peroneus tertius (supplied by deep peroneal nerve) and peroneus longus & brevis (supplied by superficial peroneal nerve)
    2. As a result, the opposing muscles, the plantar flexors of ankle and invertors of subtalar & transverse tarsal joints cause foot to be plantar flexed (foot drop) and inverted, an attitude referred to as equinovarus
  2. Sensory
    1. Loss of sensation down the anterior & lateral sides of leg and dorsum of foot and toes, including medial side of big toe
    2. Lateral border of foot & lateral side of little toe are unaffected (sural nerve mainly formed from tibial nerve)
    3. The medial border of foot as far as the ball of big toe is completely unaffected (saphenous nerve, a branch of femoral nerve)
    4. Tibial nerve injury causes calcaneo-valgus (dorsiflexed & everted)
      Common peroneal nerve is related to neck of fibula, so fractures of neck of fibula can damage common peroneal nerve foot drop.
Condition Features & cause
Median Nerve Palsy Pointing index
Pen test(tests abductor pollicis brevis)
Bendiction test
Oschner clasp test & Opposition of thumb lost
Labour’s nerve
Ape thumb deformity
Carpal tunnel syndrome (compression of median nerve in wrist)
Ulnar nerve palsy

Book test (froment sign)
Card test
ADDuctor pollicis is supplied (only thenar muscle)
Egawa’s test
Froment’s sign (Book test)
Musician nerve
Radial nerve palsy - Wrist drop
- Thumb drop - Specifically in posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) injury
- Finger drop- - Specifically in posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) injury
Common peroneal nerve palsy (Lateral popliteal nerve palsy) or sciatic nerve palsy - Foot drop (complete)
Erb’s palsy - Policeman tip deformity (Porter’s tip deformityQ)
Nerve of bell (Long thoracic nerve) palsy - Winging of scapula

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