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Radial Nerve Injury

  1. It is usually injured in fractures of shaft humerus, injection palsy, Saturday night palsy etc.
  2. Sensory loss in area supplied posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm. 
  3. Wrist, thumb and finger extension is lost (i.e. wrist, thumb &finger drop). 
  4. Posterior Interosseous Nerve (PIN) Injury
    1. It is prone to be injured in injury & operations of radial head - neck. 
    2. There is no sensory deficit it is a pure motor nerve. 
    3. Wrist extension is preserved (i.e. no wrist drop) due to spared extensor carpi radialis longus
    4. Presents with loss of extension of metacarpo — phalangeal (MP) joints i.e. thumb & finger drop. 
  5. Radial Nerve (C5678 T1) (Posterior cord of br. plexus)
  1. Above elbow
    1. Above spiral groove:
      1. Triceps (long, medial head)
      2. Posterior cutaneous nerve of arm
    2. In spiral groove: Sensory
      1. Posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm
      2. Lateral cutaneous nerve of arm
      3. Anconeus
      4. Triceps (medial & lateral heads)
    3. Between spiral groove & latral epicondyle
      1. Brachialis
      2. Brachioradialis
      3. Extensor Carpi Radialis longus
  2. Below elbow
    1. Posterior interosseous nerve supply remaining Muscles
      1. Abductor pollicis longus
      2. Extensor pollicis Longus & brevis
      3. Extensor indicis
      4. Supinator
      5. Extensor digitorum
      6. Extensor digit, minimi
      7. Extensor carpi ulnaris
      8. Extensor carpi radialis brevis
        Autonomous zone for radial nerve is dorsum of 1st web space
    2. Type of radial nerve lesion
  3. Very high (i.e. above spiral groove)
    1. Total palsy i.e.
      1. Elbow, wrist, thumb & finger extension is lost
      2. Loss of sensation
  4. High (i.e. between spiral groove & lateral epicondyle)
    1. Elbow extension spared
    2. Lost: Wrist, thumb, finger extension & sensation

Wrist drop 
  1. Low
    1. Elbow & Wrist extension spared
    2. Lost: thumb, finger extension & sensation
  1. Posterior Interosseous Nerve palsy
    1. Elbow, wrist joint extension & sensations are spared
    2. Loss of MP joint extension i.e. thumb &finger drop
Dynamic cock up splint
Splint Used In
- Four post collar,
- SOMI (sterno, occipital mandibular immobilization) brace
Cervical spine injury
- ASHE (Anterior spinal hyper extension) brace
- Taylor’s brace
Dorsolumbar spine
- Milwaukee brace
- Boston brace
Lumbo - sacral corset Low back ache
Cock up splint
Knuckle bender splint
Vockmann’s Turn Buckle splint
Aluminium splint
Radial nerve palsy
Claw hand
Volkmann’s ischemic contracture (VIC)
Finger immobilization
Shoulder abduction splint Aeroplane splint Axillary nerve palsy Brachial plexus injury
Dennis brown splint CTEV
Toe raising/Foot drop splint Common peroneal or sciatic nerve palsy
Bohler Brown splint - Fracture femur (anywhere from neck to supracondylar region) and Tibia
Crammer wire splint Emergency immobilization
Disorder/Deformity Nerve Injury
Policeman tip deformity Erb’s palsy
Winging of scapula Long thoracic nerve to serratus anterior
Main-en-griffe (Claw hand)
- Partial
- Complete
Ulnar nerve (lower > higher)
Ulnar nerve + Median nerve
Wrist/thumb/Finger-drop Radial nerve
Ape thumb deformity Pointing Index Median nerve (opponens pollicis)
Median nerve (proximal to elbow, paralysis of flexor digitorum superficialis & flexor digitorum profundus to index finger)
Meralgia Paraesthetica Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
Mortan’s Neuralgia Compression neuropathy of digital nerve of foot
Foot drop (Eguino-varus) Common peroneal nerve/Lateral popliteal nerve
Claw toe (pied-en-griffe) or Pes calcaneus or valgus Medial popliteal nerve

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