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Venous drainage of brain

Venous drainage of cerebral hemisphere


Superficial veins of the cerebral hemispheres

  1. Superior cerebral veins drain blood from the superolateral and medial surface of the cerebral hemispheres into the superior sagittal sinus.
  2. Superficial middle cerebral vein
    1. It runs along the posterior ramus and stem of lateral sulcus.
    2. It drains blood from superolateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere into the caveronus sinus.
    3. It communicates with the superior sagittal and transverse sinus through vein of Trolard and vein of Labbe respectively.

Deep veins of the cerebral hemispheres

  1. Internal cerebral veins: They are formed by the union of thalamostriate and choroid veins.
    1. Tributaries are:
    2. Thalamostriate vein,
    3. Choroid vein,
    4. Septal vein,
    5. Epithalamic vein,
    6. Lateral ventricular vein.
  2. Basal veins (two) : They are formed by the union of:
    1. Anterior cerebral vein
    2. Deep middle cerebral vein
    3. Striate vein
  3. Great cerebral vein of Galen:
    1. It is formed by the union of two internal cerebral veins, is 2 cm long and drains into the straight sinus. Its tributaries are:-
    2. Internal cerebral veins,
    3. Basal veins,
    4. Occipital veins,
    5. Posterior callosal vei

Venous drainage of cerebellum

  1. Superior cerebellar veins, drain into the great cerebral vein.
  2. Inferior cerebellar veins, drain into adjacent venous sinuses.

Venous drainage of Brainstem


Midbrain: It is drained by basal and great cerebral veins.


Pons:       These veins terminate into basal, transverse, and petrosal sinuses.


Medulla: These veins drain into basilar plexus of veins and inferior petrosal sinus.

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