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Acute ataxia : Causes

  1. Acute cerebellar ataxia
  2. Toxicity with phenytoin, lead, Thallium
  3. Balilar artery migraine
  4. Gullain Barre syndrome variant with ataxia
  5. Occult malignancy such as neuroblastoma 

Chronic ataxia : Causes

  1. Tumors of posterior fossa                      
  2. Ataxia telangiectasia
  3. Friedreichs ataxia                          
  4. Wilson’s disease
  5. Refsum syndrome                        
  6. Metachromatic leukodystrophy
  7. Abeta lipoproteinemia                  
  8. Hartnup and maple syrup urine disease
  9. Degenerative disorder 

1. Acute cerebellar ataxia

  1. Age on onset 1 - 5 year.
  2. Follows viral illness – varicella, coxsackie virus, or echovirus. The patient has hypotonia, dysarthria, truncal ataxia. Tendon jerks are often pendular and Nystagmus is common. 
2. Ataxia telangiectasia
  1. 2 year – Ataxia
    Occulomotor apraxia
    Horizontal Nystagmus
  2. Mid childhood Telangiectasia
    Skin shows loss of elasticity
  3. These patient have IgA deficiency, frequent sino-pulomary infection and increased predisposition to lympho reticular malignancies.
  4. They have elevated alfa – fetoprotein levels and defect in DNA repair.

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