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Sydenham chorea (Rheumatic Chorea)

Most common course of acquired chorea of child hood and is the sole neurological manifestation of rheumatic fever.


More common in female. Q


Three major features of sydenham chorea include chorea, hypotonia, and emotional lability.


These are rapid, jerky movement; they are increased by stress and disappear during sleep.


Following features also present:

  1. The child relaxes hand grip on and off as if he is milking a cow (milk maid grip)
  2. When the hand is outstretched above the head, forearms tends to pronate
  3. When hands are stretched forwards, the patient flexes the wrist and hyper extends the fingers
  4. The child cannot maintain the tongue in protruded position (darting tongue)
  5. The knee reflex may show a sustained contraction resulting in a hung-up reflex.



ASLO titer may not be elevated because onset of chorea is late.

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