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3rd, 4th & 6th Nerve Plasy

  1. Third Nerve Palsy
    1. Ptosis
    2. Deviation of eye down and out
    3. Dilated pupil
    4. Benedicts syndrome*- Ipsilateral third nerve palsy and contralateral tremor (red nuelcus)
    5. Weber’s Syndrome* – Ipsilateral third nerve palsy and a contralateral hemiparesis
  1. Fourth Nerve Palsy
    1. Excyclotorsion – Compensated by head tilt to opposite Shoulder
    2. Limited depression in adduction
    3. Diplopia –worse on looking down*
  2. Sixth Nerve Palsy
    1. Defective abduction*
    2. Convergent strabismus
    3. Horizontal diplopia
    4. Face turn towards the field of action of paralysed muscle.
    6. Millard Gubler syndrome*:  Ipsilateral sixth nerve palsy with contralateral hemiplegia

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