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Lesions of Visual Pathway

  1. Lesion in Optic Nerve- Ipsilateral blindness (complete anopia)
  2. Chiasma Bitemporal hemianopia*
  3. Optic Tract
    1. Contralatird homonymous hemianopia*
    2. Wernicke’s hemianopic pupil
    3. Optic atrophy
    4. Contralateral pyramidal signs
  4. Optic Radiations
    1. Congruous homonymous hemianopia*
    2. No optic atrophy, pupils normal*
    3. Temporal Radiations – superior quadrantopia *, ( Pie in Sky)
    4. Parietal radiation – Inferior quadrantopia* ( pie on the floor)
  1. Striate Calcarine cortex
    1. Pupillary reflex normal
    2. Occlusion of posterior cerebral artery* -  contralateral homonymous hemianopia*with macular sparing
    3. Damage to tip of occipital cortex-  contralateral homonymous macular inntvement*

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