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Toxic Amblyopia: (Toxic optic neuropathy)

  1. Tobacco                   
  2. Ethambutol*                
  3. Def. of thiamine*        
  4. Ethyl alcohol                
  5. Methyl alcohol             
  6. Quinine*
  7. Arsenic, lead                
  8. Chloroquine                 
  9. Amiodarone
Optic Atrophy:  It is the end result of any pathological process that damages the axons causing between retinal ganglion cells and LGB.
  1. Classification of Optic Atrophy
    1. Pathological                
    2. Ophthalmoscopic
    3. Etiological
  2. Pathological classification:
    1. Ascending optic atrophy   
    2. Descending optic atrophy
    3. Cavernous optic atrophy – chronic simple glaucoma
  3. Ophthalmoscope classification
    1. Consecutive optic atrophy – pale waxy disc*
    2. Glaucomatous optic atrophy
    3. Primary optic atrophy – Tabes dorsalis / compression
    4. Secondary optic atrophy –(post neurotic)*​
  4. Etiological Classification:
  1. Congenital                                    
  2. Consecutive                                    
  3. Circulatory                       
  4. Pressure and traction                   
  5. Post inflammatory                         
  6. Toxic

All are seen in Horner’s syndrome except? (AIIMS Nov 08)
A. Heterochromia iridis in affected eye                   
B. Ptosis in affected eye
C. Miosis in affected eye                                      
D. Apparent exophthalmos


Ans. D.

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