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Some Important Points

  1. RDA: Mean of minimum requirement + 2SD
  2. Richest source of Vit A & D: Halibut liver oil
  3. Richest source of saturated fatty acids: Coconut oil
  4. Richest source of PUFA & Linoleic acid: Safflower oil
  5. Richest source of MUFA: Groundnut oil
  6. Richest source of alpha Linolenic acid: Flaxseed oil > Soyabean oil
  7. Maximum output of breast milk: 5 – 6 months of lactation
  8. Breast milk has highest amount of lactose, Vit C, Fe, Copper, Cobalt & selenium as compared to other types of milk
  9. Breast milk has lowest amount of Fat, Protein, sodium & calcium as compared to other types of milk
  10. Exclusive breast feeding recommended for first 6 months of life
  11. Test not applied on Pasteurized milk: Methylene Blue reduction test
  12. Main type of protein present in breast milk: Whey protein or lactalbumin
  13. Not a marker of Vit A deficiency: Conjunctival Xerosis

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