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Categories and Causes of Fetal Death

Fetal (25-40%)


        Chromosomal anomalies


        Nonchromosomal birth defects


        Nonimmune hydrops



Placental (25-35%)



        Cord accident


        Placental insufficiency


        Intrapartum asphyxia




        Twin-to-twin transfusion



Maternal (5-10%)

        Antiphospholipid antibodies




        Hypertensive disorders




        Abnormal labor






        Uterine rupture


        Postterm pregnancy



Unexplained (25-35%)

  1. Hypertensive disorders and diabetes are the two most commonly cited maternal diseases, associated with stillbirths.
  2. Thromboplastin from the dead fetus can enter the maternal system and cause Ole.
  3. This only happens when the dead fetus is retained inside for 3-4 weeks.-

Radiological signs of IUFD


Interval (After Death)

Robert sign (gas in great vessels)


Spalding sign (overlapping of skull bones)

1 week

Blair-Hartley /Ball sign (hyperflexion/hyperextension of spine with overcrowding of ribs

3-4 weeks


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