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Anatomy of Orbit

  1. Bony orbit are quadrangular, truncated pyramids with volume of 30 cc
  2. Medical wall- Thinnest medial wall is formed by body of sphenoid, frontal process of maxilla, orbital plate of ethmoid and lacrimal bone (Pneumonic is SMEL)
  3. Floor – Orbital surface of maxillary bone, orbital surface of zygomatic bone and palatine bone. It is commonly involved in blow- out fracture (especially the poster medial wall).
  4. Lateral wall- Zygomatic bone and greater wing of sphenoid.
  5. Superior wall ( Roof)  - Orbital plate of frontal bone, lesser wing of sphenoid
  6. Inferior orbital fissure-  Between floor and lateral wall
  7. Superior orbital fissure- At the orbital apex lateral to optic foramen(b/w greater and lesser wing of sphenoid)
  8. Optic canal-  Formed by two wings of lesser wing of sphenoid ; at orbital apex
  9. Proptosis-  Forward protrusion of normal –sized eye ball > 21 mm* beyond the lateral orbital margin or > 2 mm * protrusion compared to the other eye

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