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Blow out Fracture

It is the fracture of orbital floor which typically occurs by a sudden increase in the orbital pressure by a striking object >  5 cm in diameter such as a fist or tennis ball
Oil droplet sign=radiological
  1. Two types
    1. Pure blow – out fracture- does not involve the orbital rim
    2. Impure blow - out fracture rim- involves the rim
  2. C/F: 
    1. Ecchymosis, edema, subcutaneous emphysema
    2. Enophthalmos
    3. Infra orbital nerve anesthesia
    4. Diplopias
  3. Treatment: Release of the incarcerated muscle and soft tissue with or without implant(Teflon,Silicon sheet)
Which of the following causes fracture of roof of orbit (AIIMS May 09)
A. Injury to forehead              
B. Injury to parietal bone               
C. Blow to the lower jaw      
D. Blow to the occiput
Ans. A. Injury to forehead
Blow out fracture of orbit leads to fracture in (AIIMS Nov 09)
A.  Posterior wall of floor of orbit                                         
B. Roof of orbit
C.  Medial wall of orbit                                                          
D. Postero Medial part of floor of orbit
Ans. D.  Postero Medial part of floor of orbit

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