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Pacemaker for the start of rhythmic respiration (AIIMS NOV 2010)

A Dorsal respiratory group

B Pre – botzinger complex

C Pneumotaxiccentre

D Apneusticcentre

Ans. B Pre – botzingercomplex

I. MEDULLA – has pre botzinger complex Q(betweennucleus ambiguous and lateral rectal nucleus) which acts as pacemaker for spontaneous respiration, also contains DRG & VRG(DORSAL &VENTRAL RESPIRATORY GROUP OF NEURONS).

a. DRG - contains inspiratory neurons which supply inspiratory muscles.

b. VRG - both inspiratory & expiratory neurons.

II. PONS – contain 2 centres

a. Apneusticcentre (in lower pons) : stimulates inspiratory neurons. If not inhibited by vagus and pneumotaxiccentre will cause apneusis Q.

b. Pneumotaxiccentre(in upper pons) : inhibit apneusticcentre Q. Near Parabranchial Nucleus (NPBL) Q