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Pathergy test is done for? (AIPG 07)

A Beh|et’s syndrome

C Gout

Ans. A Beh|et’s syndrome

Clinical Features-Diagnostic Criteria of Beh|et’s Disease = One Major & Two minor criteria’s.

Major criteria -Recurrent oral ulceration

Minor Criteria -

1. Recurrent genital ulceration

2. Eye lesions (Ant and post uveitis) can progress rapidly to blindness.

3. Skin lesions (Erythema nodosum, Pseudofolliculitis)

4. Pathergy test (Nonspecific skin inflammatory reactivity to any scratches or intradermal saline injection

Other features are:

i. Deep vein thrombosis

ii. Superficial thrombophlebitis

iii. Arthritis – Nondeforming, mainly involve knees and ankle.

Iv. CNS involvement – mainly in the parenchymal has a serious prognosis (CNS – Beh|et’s syndrome)

Extra Edge:

1. Myocarditis is not a feature.

2. In Beh|et syndrome there is Panuveitis i.e. there is involvement of both anterior & posterior uvea.

Pathogenesis (Ref: H-18th edition, Pg-2801)

Circulating autoantibodies against -enolase of endothelial cells and anti–Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies (ASCA—characteristic of Crohn's disease) are found to be present in the later stages of the disease.