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Cutaneous Marker of Internal Malignancy

Cutaneous manifestation of underlying malignancy can be classified as follow:

  1. Malignant involvement of the skin    
  2. Genodermatoses
  3. Paraneoplastic dermatoses               
  4. Environmental carcinogens
  1. Malignant Involvement of the Skin
    1. Metastases from visceral tumour can sometimes occur as a result of direct extension from an underlying neoplasm.
    2. These include carcinoma of the stomach, lung and breast. Paget's disease of the breast, clinically present as a patch of eczema or moist eroded area of the nipple, is often associated with an underlying adenocarcinoma of the breast.
    3. Carcinoma en cuirass another condition associated with breast carcinoma, manifested clinically as an area of leathery thickening caused by fibrosis and lymphatic blockage.
    4. Adnexal tumour is known to be associated with extramammary Paget's, a condition that usually presented as an area of erythematous moist patches in the groin or the perianal are.
    5. Systemic hematological malignancy can also involve the skin. For example, Hodgkin's lymphoma can present as pruritis and ichthyosis whereas gingival hypertrophy is seen in monocytic leukaemia.
    6. Cutaneous metastasis can also occur and is presented as plum-colour nodules or plaques.
Erythematous lesion in infants
   •  Papulovesicular lesions
   •  Extremly itchy
    •  No papulo vesicular lesion
    •  No or minimal Itching
•  Involvement of/ace, scalp, palm, soles flexures, interdigital webs of finger, genitals, axillas •  Involvement of face, neck, extensor (knee, elbow)
•  Personal or family H/O asthma, rhinitis
•  Erythematous scaly lesion
•  Cradle cap (yellow thick greasy scales)
•  Face, Flexures & scalp
•  Severe dandruff
•  Erythematous lesion
•  Silver scale
•  Auspitz sign
•  Face, scalp, diaper area
Scabies Atopic dermatitis Infantile seborrheic dermatitis Infantile psoriasis
Itchy papulovesicular lesion in Infant
•  Scalp, Face, Palm, Soles, Flexures, interdigital webs of fingers, genitals (penis, scrotum), umblicus & periumblical areas, axilla
•  History of itching and similar lesion in family member
o Face, Neck, extensors (knee & elbow) & groin
o Family H/O Asthma, allergic rhiniti

Scabies Infantile atopic dermatitis

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