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Bone Dysplasia

  1. Chondro osteodystrophy or skeletal dysplasia are large group of developmental disorder of bone leading to disturbances in growth of the trunk and/or extremities.
  2. Most of dysplasias result in short stature, which is defined as height that is less than the third percentile for the chronological age of the patient.
  3. Short stature can be proportionate or disproportionate, with disproportionate short stature divided into short limbed & short trunked forms.
  4. Limb shortening, that is most prominent in proximal segment of limb is called as rhizomelic; in middle portion is called as mesomelic and in distal limb is called as acromelic.


  • Proportionate dwarf
  • X Ray: J shaped sell and Bullet metacarpals
Pyle disease:

Travers disease:
  • Epiphyseal osteochondroma
  • Calcification within joint
* Unlike the physeal & epiphyseal disorders, dwarfism is not a feature in metaphyseal and diaphyseal
  • Rhizomelic , short limb
  • AD
  • Trident hand, champagne glass pelvis
  • Lumbar stenosis ,
  • lumbar lordosis also in Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia
  • Normal intelligence

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