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Osteochondritis / Osteochondrosis

  1. It is ischemic necrosis of oteoa rticular fragment of bone leading to compression, fragmentation or separation of a small segment of a articular cartilage of bone.
  2. This occurs mainly in adolescent and young adults, often during phases of increased physical activity, and may be initiated by trauma or repetitive stress. It can be of three types
    1. Type
      1. Crushing Osteochondritis
      2. Splitting Osteochondritis
        Osteochondritis Dissecans,Panners
      3. Pulling/traction osteochondritis
        Osgood Schattlers/Severes/Johanssen Larsens
    2. Types of osteochondritis
      1. Keinboch dz-lunate                                    
      2. Kohler dz- navicular
      3. Perthe- femur head                                   
      4. Scheurmann dz- ring epiphysis of vertebrae
      5. Calves dz- central bony nucleas of vertebrae       
      6. Frieberg- 2nd metatarsal head
      7. Islene- 5th metatarsal head                      
      8. Osgood shaltter's dz -tibial tuberocity
      9. Severe's dz- calcaneum                                             
      10. Johanson-Larsens dz- lower pole of patella
      11. Blounts dz- Tibia                                                          
      12. Panner's dz- capitulum of elbow
      13. Preiser's Synd- Scaphoid                                           
      14. Schmier's Dz- Pisiform
      15. Witt's dz- triquetrum                                  
      16. Agati dz- trapazoid
      17. Haglund dz- calcaneus                                               
      18. Fleischner Thiemann dz-phalanges
      19. Haas dz - head of humerus                        
      20. Konig's Synd - tubular bones
      21. Wegner Synd - osteochondritis with epiphyseal seperation
      22. Mouclaire's disease- metacarpal head

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