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A. Common Causes of Pseudoarthrosis


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  1. Idiopathic> Neurofibromatosis (NF- 1)
  2. Tibia is most commonly involved bone. Five forms of congenital pseudoarthosis of tibia are — dysplastic, cystic, sclerotic, fibular & congenital band type.
  3. The most common dysplastic type is tapered at defective site; an hour glass Constriction is associated with neurofibromatosis
  4. Poor fracture healing and recurrent fracture is common even if union is achieved.
  5. Cast immobilization is generally unsuccessful. And ideal management is bone grafting (eg. Vascularized fibular graft) & ilizarov’s ring external fixator (best) or intramedullary nail. 

B. Aquired -Nonunion


Treatment is fixation and bone grafting.

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