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Phychological Tests


In psychiatry, to understand the Client in toto and to confirm the diagnosis we use the various psycho logical tests , these are basically classified into two types :

  1. Subjective      
  2. Objective (Projective)

Subjective tests: These are basically used to understand the psychopathology in detail, but patient might manipulate in this.

Projective tests
: Unstructured stimuli given to the subject. While responding the person

projects his own ideas and personality.

The various projective (objective) tests are :-

  1. Tests for Personality: PERSONALITY
    1. MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory ---16 years – adult
    2. 16 Personality Factor (16 personality factors)
  2. Tests for Psychiatric Diagnosis: DIAGNOSIS.
    1. Rorschach test: inkblots are used ambiguous forms are show 3 year - adult
    2. Thematic apperception test (TAT – 16 year - adult): Pictures are used, subject is asked to make a story, what is happening is picture, what he happen before picture of will happen after picture.
    3. Sentence completion test
    4. Word association technique: quick response to words
    5. Draw-a-person test
  3. Tests for Organicity: ORGANICITY
    1. Bender Gestalt test (5 year – adult): Test of visuomotor coordination, involves copying of figures
    2. Used for screening for organic disorders
    3. Benton Visual Retention Test: tests short-term memory, subject is shown a figure and
    4. then asked to draw form memory.
    5. Halstead Raitan Neuropsychological battery 9 – 14 years
    6. Luria - Nubraska Neuro psychological battery.
  4. Test for Intelligence:TEST FOR INTELLIGENCE
    1. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children (Verbal and performance scale (6 - 16 years – adult) It has two components = Verbal, Performance -- for finding mental age. Information (general knowledge), comprehension (proverbs), arithmetic (calculations), similarities (abstract), digit span (immediate memory), vocabulary (definitions) Performance Tests: Picture completion, picture arrangement, block design, object assembly,digit symbol.
    2. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test –16 years—adult.
    3. Bhatia’s Battery Indian adaptation of Weschler’s scale.
    4. Stanford – Binet test 2 – 23 years.
    5. VSMS – Vineland’s social Maturity Scale for children below 6 years of age.

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