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Pseudotumor cerebri occurs due to which vitamin toxicity? (LQ)


B B12



Ans. A

Vitamin A

Benign Intra Cranial Hypertension (Pseudo Tumour Cerebri)

1). Patient has features of Raised ICP (Ref. Harieadache, Papilledema) but without S.O.L. in the brain.

2). It occurs in Obese ladies. (30 to 45 year of age) AIIMS May 2012

3). They C/O blurring vision, Diplopia, Sixth Nerve Palsy can occur enlarge blind spot.

4). But no altered sensorium.

5). Causes include

a. High doses of vitamin A

b. Withdrawal of corticosteroid therapy

c. Hypoparathyroidism

d. Outdated Tetracycline iii. Quinolones

e. Addison's disease

f. SLE

6). Characteristic features

a. Elevated intracranial pressure (intracranial hypertension)

b. Normal or Small sized ventricular system

c. No focal neurological signs

d. Papilledema (enlarged blind spot in visual fluid).

e. Normal CSF findings

f. Normal CT scan, MRI and isotope brain scan

g. Excessive slow-wave activity on EEG but seizure in not a feature.

7). There are no focal neurological signs in pseudotumor cerebri. Therefore, pseudotumor cerebri does not present with convulsions.

8). It is a benign self-limiting disorder with a favorable outcome.

9). Treatment –

a) Weight loss

b) Acetazolamide

c) Optic sheath Fenestration

d) Lumbo Peritoneal Shunt.