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Pudendal nerve supplies which part of the bladder? (AIIMS May 2010)

A Detrusor muscle
B Internal sphincter

C External sphincter
D All of the above

Ans. C

External sphincter

Fig: Nerve supply to the bladder and sphincters.

Urinary bladder – Anatomy

Nerve supply

Parasympathetic - S2, S3, S4 ( Pelvic N) Q

Sympathetic - T11 – L2 ( Hypogastric N) Q

Somatic - S2, S3, S4 (Pudendal nerve) Q

Detrusor ms - Parasympathetic (Pelvic nerve)

Trigone - Sympathetic (Hypogastric nerve).

Ext. sphincter - Somatic (Pudendal nerve).

Physiology of micturition:

1. Afferent by all three nerves i.e. Pelvic, Hypogastric, Pudendal nerve.

2. Efferent mainly by pelvic nerve

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