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Obstetrical Neuropathies

  1. Pressure on branches of the lumbosacral nerve plexus during labor may be manifest by complaints of intense neuralgia or cramp-like pains extending down one or both legs as soon as the head begins to descend into the pelvis. If the nerve is injured, pain continues after delivery and may be accompanied by variable degrees of sensory loss or muscle paralysis supplied by the damaged nerve.
  2. Lateral femoral cutaneous neuropathies are the most common, followed by femoral neuropathies. A motor deficit is present in a third of injuries. Nulliparity and prolonged second stage of labor are independent risk factors for nerve injury.

Scheme of mechanism of amenorrhea and anovulation in lactating mothers


Increased prolactin level

Inhibits ovarian response to FSH

Suppresses the release of LH

GnRH secretion

Less follicular growth

No LH surge

FSH and LH

Hypoestrogenic state



No menstruation



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